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Karolína Fränkelová is a co-author of a model of a saddle Karolina. The saddle can be easily regulated for a jump and dressage too. All the time of developing the saddle Karolina we´ve been taking care of a maximal comfort for a rider as well as for a horse, but we didn´t forget of a practicality.

For the production of a good saddle a perfectly fitting frame is necessary. Plastic frame of my own production can fit on any of our horses. Horses are measured directly by the frames that are already prepared according to the description and pictures from customers, which we then complete if, needed, or choose another one of several others that I have with me.

A saddle oneself is made ​​from high quality materials and surely includes stainless or brass ironwork.You can also order additional straps (girth, bridle) in the same design. Guarantee on all seats is for 5 years.For demanding customers we offer a saddle with a flexible tree that allows the horse to arch the back, while preventing it to be “press sit”. These trees are used in jumping and training saddles.